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The City has formed a Business Community Reference Group which serves as a link between the City and the business community with respect to the Business Safety Project. The main tasks of the reference group will be to help the City identify the safety needs and concerns of local businesses through a process of engagement, and become knowledgeable about the range of engagement methodologies available. 

The City of Melville would like to hear what safety and crime concerns are affecting local business.  The Business Crime and Safety Survey is an initiative of the City of Melville to help achieve Goal 2, Reduce Business Crime, of the 2017-2021 Safer Melville Plan.  Reduce Business Crime was identified as a safety and crime prevention priority for the City after the results from the 2016 Business Perception Survey showed that local businesses were less satisfied than residents with safety and security within the City of Melville. 


To help the City understand how it can help improve safety and security for businesses, a group of representatives from the local business community were invited to meet with the City to discuss business crime and safety. This group helped the City identify the questions and methods for engagement for the wider business community, leading to the Business Crime and Safety Survey. The results from the survey will help inform an action plan to improve business safety and security for local business.


Complete our survey and help us improve safety and security for your business!


It’s as simple as:


Jumping online and completing our 3 minute survey at




Contacting to organise a time to give feedback over the phone or in person.


The survey will be open from 8.00am Friday, 18 May to 5.00pm Friday, 8 June.


For more information, visit or

call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.


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