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Reduce Business Crime was identified as a safety and crime prevention priority for the City of Melville after the results from the 2016 Business Perception Survey showed that local businesses were less satisfied than residents with safety and security. The City formed a Business Community Reference Group which served as a link between the City and the business community to address this priority.  The main tasks of the reference group were to help the City identify the safety needs and concerns of local businesses through a process of engagement.  Thanks to the input from the Business Community Reference Group we recently hosted the Business Crime and Safety Survey.   

The survey was hosted in May 2018 to help the City understand what the safety and crime concerns of the local business community were. These responses have now been analysed and have helped us to understand the issues affecting local business as well as how aware local businesses are of what is in place to help address these issues.   Given the low awareness of the existing crime prevention programs and initiatives already in place for businesses, we will be developing an online Business Crime Prevention Resource Directory.  This will include information and links to all projects and initiatives that businesses can access to make their business safe and secure.  Stay tuned for more information about the resource directory!

Visit for more information on the project and to view a summary of the results. 


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