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Managing COVID-19 Impacts

Many agencies and organsations are working to support the local, state and national economy in addition to the stimulus and relief packages already being provided by all levels of government.

We've collected some of the information here for you.

Tips for Managing Social Distancing Requirements for Restricted Businesses

A business can implement any strategies necessary to restrict and support their customers to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Useful tips include:

  • Measure a distance of 1.5m and mark clear lines using tape, paint or other suitable material to indicate where customers can stand or line up to collect takeaway, for the checkout line or workstations at a hairdresser.
  • Display posters that are clearly visible to all customers outlining the 1.5m social distancing requirements. Suitable posters include the keeping your distance poster or a business may choose to create their own posters.
  • Remove or stack all seating including tables and chairs or place signage advising patrons not to use.
  • Create a "takeaway window" to collect items, or restrict the number of people who can walk inside the premise to collect their food.
  • Have a copy of the most up to date direction to provide to customers.

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