Deep Water Point Upgrade

A number of upgrades have taken place at Deep Water Point to protect the natural environment of the foreshore and enhance the recreational facilities at the site for the community to enjoy.

Project Information

The upgrades have included an upgraded change room , a new cafe, new playground facilities , foreshore revetment works and a new first class boat launching facility.

As part of the change room refurbishment, a Blue Level accredited Changing Place was installed. Read information on the operating instructions for the new change table and ceiling hoist. Operating instructions are also displayed within the Changing Place.

The Deep Water Point upgrades were identified in the Concept Plan for Deep Water Point following input from the community. 

Southern Swing Upgrade and New Picnic Area

The upgrade to the southern swings and picnic area at Deep Water Point is now complete. The new facilities include five new swings (including a basket swing, fully enclosed toddler seat, strap seat, orange boat seat, seat with back support and straps), soft-fall surfacing and connecting paths, along with chunky recycled wharf timber furniture to compliment the new accessible BBQ.

Boat Launching Facility Upgrade

Deep Water Point has received upgraded boat launching facilities.

The new facilitiy features a boat ramp with two lanes. A finger jetty to allow for up to four boats to be berthed at any one time; and an improved approach to allow vehicles with trailers to better line up the lanes for reversing.

Construction has been completed and the boat ramp is open to the public.

The Point Walter boat ramp is now closed until February 2019 while it is being upgraded.


Changeroom RenewalCompleted
Cafe ConstructionCompleted
Foreshore Revetment WorksCompleted
Boat RampCompleted
Southern Swing Upgrade & New Picnic AreaCompleted
Northern Play EquipmentEarly 2019

*Please note these dates may be subject to change

Contact Details

Playground ContactJanine Ahola 9364 0893


Deep Water Point Reserve, The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant 6153 Get Directions

These recent upgrades have attracted more visitors to Deep Water Point and there is a very high demand for parking.

Parking is limited in the area. There is embayed parking for cars on The Esplanade from Helm Street to Gunbower Road and parking for cars at Mount Henry Bridget, paid parking at Apex Reserve, near the Swan River Rowing Club and you can also park on many of the local side streets, but be sure to adhere to all parking signs. Our Rangers regularly patrol this area.

We encourage were possible the use of other transport options including cycling, walking, ride sharing or taking the 150 or 160 bus which travels along Reynolds Road.

Download our Deep Water Point Transport Options and Parking brochure

Travel Smart

Leave the car at home and enjoy the breath taking views at Deep Water Point. There are dedicated cycle paths (shared paths) for bikes and pedestrians alike, so enjoy a stroll along The Esplanade.

From Canning Bridge Station to Deep Water Point
30mins walking - 10mins cycling

From Mount Henry Bridge to Deep Water Point
20mins walking - 5mins cycling

From Canning Bridge Station to Mount Henry Bridge
50mins walking - 15mins cycling

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened at Deep Water Point and why?

Since 2013 the City of Melville has been working to improve and enhance the recreational purposes of Deep Water Point for the community, while still maintaining and protecting the natural environment. A number of factors contributed to this:

  • The foreshore had high levels of erosion with severe loss of beach and was struggling to provide a recreational function
  • The previous café facility and adjacent toilets had become unfit for use
  • The previous café facility faced away from the river so didnot optimise the use of the surrounding space and views. This offered a substantial opportunity to upgrade the facility and create a unique destination
  • There were also issues with the boat ramp having reached the end of its useful life, and community demand for a finger jetty.
Did the community have a chance to give their feedback?

In 2013, the City developed a draft Concept Plan for the upgrade of Deep Water Point to address the issue of river foreshore erosion, create a new jetty and café, and to improve the playground, boat ramp, parking and park furniture.

The idea of the Concept Plan was to present some initial ideas for the upgrade that would allow the community to provide feedback. The community was asked to provide feedback on opportunities and ideas to upgrade the site such as improving the café, updating facilities and better utilization of the surrounds by better positioning towards the river.

Specifically the community was asked:

  • What do you like about Deep Water Point?
  • What would you do to improve the area?
  • Have we overlooked anything so far?

In addition to a community BBQ held at Deep Water Point on Saturday, 9 November 2013, an online feedback option was also available to encourage and collect community feedback on the plan.

Following input from the community, a number of upgrades were identified in a Concept Plan for Deep Water Point and have now been planned for the site. In 2014, a new Deep Water Point jetty was opened. The original jetty had been closed to the public since 2011 due to its advanced age and many years of exposure to wind, sun and rain, causing the jetty to become unsafe.

In 2016, the City received $110,000 in grant funding from the Disability Services Commission for a specialised ‘changing place’ which will see the current change rooms converted to accessible public toilets, with the addition of a separate ‘Changing Place’ facility that will include a full sized change table and hoists. The upgrades have taken place in stages and included river foreshore erosion prevention, a new café and changing room facility, playground improvements, boat ramp, parking and park furniture.

Why a Dome cafe? Why not a small local business or two?

Dome Group was selected as a preferred proponent from the Public Request for Proposal (RFP 01/14) process. This was a process previously endorsed by Council and which the City undertook in February 2014, to seek submissions in relation to the redevelopment and operation of a new café facility at Deep Water Point Reserve.

Dome was the only proponent who outlined a plan to build and operate a café on the site and had a clear vision as to how the facility would benefit the community and provide amenity. Previous attempts for small businesses to lease and operate the café at Deep Water Point Reserve have been unsuccessful and it was difficult for the City to find a café operator that could meet both the community’s expectations and compliment this Deep Water Point site with all its potential.

Why has the City not provided extra parking?

The City recognises there is a very high demand for parking at the site and is currently working to resolve this. Options to increase parking for single vehicle bays are being explored and considered.

Further parking options along The Esplanade are also being investigated however would be subject to safety assessments. Once installed, the City would seek to monitor and review parking demand at the site on an ongoing basis into the future.

The City will seek to promote a travel plan to the community. This will not only assist visitors to identify their parking options at and around the site but also promote alternative TravelSmart initiatives such as walking and cycling in line with the City’s efforts to promote Healthy Lifestyles.

Why have the boat ramps been designed the way they have?

The boat ramps have been designed in accordance with the Department of Transport’s Boat Ramp Guidelines.

Why is the finger jetty at Deep Water Point shorter than the one at Point Walter?

The ski area is very close to the jetty at Deep Water Point therefore the jetty has been shortened to make it less intrusive.

Why have the ladders been designed the way they have?

The ladders have been designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards including AS1657 and the Department of Transport’s guidelines for the design of boat launching facilities. Curved ladder styles are not practical for finger jetties at boat ramps due to the limited width of the jetty. These would take up further space and obstruct the main walkway.

Why are the jetties built to the height they are?

The jetties have been designed to be usable all year round. The tides are much lower in summer which makes the jetties appear to be too high. In winter the tides are generally much higher and coupled with storm surges would make the jetties unusable.

Why isn't there more parking available?

While the boat ramps have been upgraded, they have been designed to make them safer and more efficient for launching from, as opposed to getting more boats in the water. Both Point Walter and Deep Water Point Reserves cater for a mix of users. The City must balance parking between boat trailers parking and single user cars. While there may be an opportunity to review the configuration of the space currently available, there is no way we can take away valuable recreation space to provide more car or boat/trailer bays.

Why is there no signage about dedicated launch and retrieval lanes?

The City originally had planned to dedicate lanes to launching and retrieval, however, experience across other boat ramps has shown that users are best left to self-manage these functions. For example, in the morning it may be more expedient to launch from both lanes and retrieve from both in the afternoon. Wind conditions may also make one lane more preferable than the other at certain times.

Will there be a parking charge at Deep Water Point for boat trailers?

There has always been a charge for boat trailer parking at both Deep Water Point and Point Walter. Nothing has changed.

Will the City be installing lighting at the Deep Water Point Boat Ramp?

The City has no plans to install lighting at this stage.

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