Atwell Ceramics Facility

This project has progressed to the construction phase and works will begin in late September

Project Information

The City over a number of years has been working with the Melville Community Arts Association and the South of the River Potters Club to understand the needs of the groups in order to replace the small, deterorating tin sheds.

The replacement of the sheds play an important role for achieving the vision of the South of the River Potters Club. Notable benefits from this project will include:

  • Greater access to a ceramic studio and provide opportunities for membership growth
  • Allow for contemporary, creative ceramic activities
  • Provide members with 24 hour access to kilns
  • Opportunities for further inclusivity for this creative art form
  • Achieve an important objective from the South of the River Potters Club to support therapeutic pottery arts

The unlined storage sheds would also be replaced with storage with an enhanced capacity and efficient storage environment. 

The outcomes of the work with the community groups will lead to the following actions:

  • Detailed design of the adopted concept to support future growth of the anchoring tenants; the Melville Community Arts Association and the South of the River Potters Clubs
  • Construction of a single storey ceramics facility with three kilns, potters wheels, tables for potters, an education and inclusive space, exhibition area, kitchenette and storage for both arts groups.
  • Continued engagement throughout with key stakeholders
  • Demolition of the old sheds


Council ApprovalCompleted
Appointment of ArchitectCompleted
Completion of DesignCompleted
Advertise to BuildCompleted
Construction CommencementIn Progress
CompletionMay 2022

*Please note these dates are subject to change

Contact Details

Project ContactSteven Clarke 9364 0688



Atwell Gallery, 586 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove 6154 Get Directions
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  • Concept of potential Ceramics FacilityConcept of potential Ceramics Facility
  • Render of potential Ceramics FacilityRender of potential Ceramics Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the building bigger than what they normally have? How will it be used?

This building will allow the safe and sustainable growth of an important element of community arts. New programs, classes and services will be provided and most importantly new members will be welcomed.

Why not relocate the potters elsewhere? Why was this the best option?

Relocation was carefully looked at to try and find a good location for better ceramics facilities but one of the great things about the location of the South of the Rivers Potters Club is its association to the Melville Community Arts Association based at Atwell House. The Melville Community Arts Association provide art classes, exhibition space, studios and a base to many arms of the creative arts – ceramics is one of these important elements. Added to this part of the new facility will be for Melville Community Arts storage which is on one of the old sheds.

What is the budget of this project?

This is a mostly City of Melville funded project with $950,000 committed. The South of the Rivers Potters Club has undertaken to seek funding where possible from State and Federal sources for the cabinetry, furniture and landscaping.

What will be demolished to make room for this facility?

Nothing. At the moment the site chosen to build the facility is a limestone based flat area used occasionally for overflow parking. Overflow parking in this area will still be possible with the new facility.

Will the design of the facility impact the surrounding river scape or heritage, commercial and residential buildings?

The design will be carefully managed to have a very low impact to all surrounding areas. It will need to be approved by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions due to the close proximity to the Swan River. This Department has strong aesthetic and landscaping requirements.

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