Applecross Jetty at Jeff Joseph Reserve

Closure of Applecross Jetty at Jeff Joseph Reserve

Project Information

Following a recent jetty audit conducted by the City, the abutment to the Applecross Jetty at Jeff Joseph Reserve was experiencing extensive cracking and corrosion of reinforcing steel, with some sections unsupported and at risk of collapse, as well as missing sections of kerbing.

As a result, the abutment has been rated as an extreme risk to the public and has been closed. This means the jetty is not accessible from the beach area however it is still accessible from the river.

The City has commenced the process of undertaking repairs however given the location there are a number of approvals that need to be obtained before works can progress.

Detailed designs are currently underway and will need to be completed before applications for approvals can be processed. The City is working on this as a matter of priority and current estimates are that the jetty will be reopened in late 2019 at the earliest, as works will most likely need to be done during spring low tides.


Designs complete

February 2019

ApprovalsMay 2019
Tender/QuoteJuly 2019
Contractor on-siteSeptember 2019
CompletionNovember/December 2019

Contact Details

Project ContactIan Davis 9364 0691



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