Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Impounding of vehicles, recovery of impounded vehicles and sale of removed vehicles

The City of Melville Parking Local Laws cover abandoned, unregistered and disused vehicles. Under State legislation, it is also an offence to leave or abandon your vehicle in the road reserve or on a carriageway. If necessary, a Ranger can impound your vehicle and it will be towed to the Citys impounding yard.

Impounding of abandoned vehicles

Where a Ranger finds a vehicle that is either unlawfully parked or could be considered to be abandoned, unregistered or disused, then the Ranger can impound the vehicle if it is not removed or relocated to private property.

The time given to remove an abandoned vehicle will depend on each situation and could be any time from 24 hours to 14 days.

Recovery of impounded vehicles

All vehicles that are impounded by Rangers are taken to the City's vehicle impounding yard at Manheims - 62 Grogan Road, Perth International Airport
9267 8888. Impounded vehicles can be recovered after paying the costs of impounding and removal, plus a release fee.

Recovering an abandoned vehicle from the impounding area is often a costly procedure. It is suggested that before going to collect an impounded vehicle you obtain details of the amount due as the vehicle will not be released until the full amount is paid.

Sale of removed vehicles

Where an impounded vehicle has not been collected within two months of the impounding date, the City may sell the vehicle. Impounded vehicles are sold at public auction by Manheims. If a vehicle is not sold it may be otherwise disposed of.

If you require further clarification on abandoned vehicles or wish to report one, please contact customer service on 9364 0666 or lodge an online request.


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