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Friendship Programs

The City of Melville has formal friendship arrangements with the City of Takarazuka and the Shire of Quairading.

The City of Takarazuka

The City of Takarazuka is located in Hyogo Prefecture which is part of mid-western Honshu, the main island of Japan.

On the north eastern slope of Mount Rokko, the Town of Takarazuka and Ryogen Village merged in 1954, and the City of Takarazuka was formed.

In 1955, Nagao Village and Nishitani Village additionally became part of the City, and the current geographical area of the City was demarcated.

The City of Takarazuka is known throughout Japan for its female opera company (Takarazuka Revue), and its abundance of hot springs.

Takarazuka Student Exchange Program

Roughly 25 students from Applecross Senior High School and 25 students from local senior high schools in Takarazuka are given the opportunity, every year to participate in a student exchange program coordinated by Applecross Senior High School and endorsed by the City of Melville.

The program, which has been running for over 20 years, aims to promote the regular exchange of students and establish strong cultural links between the two communities.

Year 9 and 10 students at Applecross Senior High School and their families are invited to nominate as host families for students from Takarazuka. Host students receive first preference for the return trip to Takarazuka, Japan.

Participants live with host families for approximately two weeks attending secondary school, developing knowledge of a new culture and expanding their language skills.

Students wishing to ensure a place on the trip must:

  • write a short essay explaining why they wish to participate in the trip and what they expect to get out of the trip. They should describe their household/family situation here in Australia and where their guest will be staying. It is important that adequate adult supervision is provided for the Japanese students as they are mostly only 14 years of age and their parents are obviously concerned that they are being well looked after.
  • provide a photograph of yourself (passport size is sufficient)
  • complete the application form outlining personal details and interests. Pay a deposit of $250. The deposit will be refunded if the application happens to be unsuccessful. If more nominations are received than are required, late applications will not be accepted.

For more details on this life changing experience, please contact:

Mr Tony Dixon, Exchange Coordinator
Applecross Senior High School
Phone: 9314 9393
School Email:

Shire of Quairading

In one of the first formalised partnerships of its kind in Western Australia, the City of Melville and the Shire of Quairading have entered into a mutually beneficial agreement designed to share and exchange a broad range of experiences, skills and resources.

Quairading is located less than two hours east of Perth in the Central Wheatbelt Region and is serviced by major bitumen roads. Surrounding towns include York, Beverley, Brookton, Corrigin, Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin, Tammin and Cunderdin. Quairading has a strong agricultural base covering an area of 2,000 square kilometres with a community of 1,200 persons (with approximately half residing in the Quairading townsite).

The partnership between The City of Melville and Quairading aims to bring the two communities together through the sharing of technical skills, services and advice, but also seeks to form a bond of friendship between city and country, helping to build awareness and understanding of issues and initiatives affecting each community.

Quairading has a fantastically close-knit community, and has great experience in grass roots community building, engaging its residents and creating synergies with business. Some technical skills and services which might not be viable on a full-time basis in Quairading can be supplied cost effectively by the City of Melville, creating an exchange of experiences, for all employees.

These kinds of partnerships are the future for country towns, enabling officers to learn skills, and create a network of peer support that will benefit both communities, now and in the future.

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