Lodge and Track Building Applications

Getting Started

If you are about to start a new project and you have not lodged an application with us before then please consider the following information prior to submitting your application.

Before you start the process take a moment to view our current fact sheets and forms for information on what you will be required to submit with your application and a guide to how much it is going to cost. Please make sure you select the correct application type for your project.

  • Your application MUST be accompanied by a Certificate of Title AND a Diagram of Survey (these documents are separate and can be obtained from Landgate).
  • If your development requires a Planning Approval, you MUST obtain this prior to lodging an application for a Building Permit
  • Tree Protection Zone - For Building and Demolition Applications where the value of works exceeds $20 000.00, please ensure that you read City of Melville Street Tree Policy - CP-029 prior to lodgement.
  • All Verge Bond Fees applicable MUST be paid at the time of lodgement (Note: City of Melville has introduced a non-refundable $100 Verge Bond Inspection Fee for all applications where a Verge Bond is payable). Please refer to Verge Bonds and Refunds for further information.
  • Please refer to the City of Melville Building Application Fee Schedule for details of all relevant fees. Note: All fees are payable at time of lodgement of application.
  • Developments must be substantially commenced within two years for Building and Planning Approvals.

Application Forms

Please download a Building Permit application form directly from the Building Commissions website.

How to Lodge a Building Application

The City of Melville receive Planning and Building applications online. This option is available to City of Melville customers and residents and it is our preferred choice for submissions.

Follow the step-by-step process, making sure you attach all documents required to accurately assess your application. Check the size of the documents that you are attaching, up to150MB is available with 10 attachments per application. The larger the document the longer the process may take to upload your files, this may require some patience. If the total for all attachments exceeds 150MB, please contact Planning Administration for alternate options: PBAdmin@melville.wa.gov.au.

All fees are payable at time of lodgement of application. View the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

You can check the cost of an application pre - lodgement by using the online Fee Calculator.

You can continue to lodge the following applications online:

Certified Building Permits

Please remember to attach your Certificate of Design Compliance to all Certified applications.

Uncertified Building Permits

The following application types can only be submitted in person or through post with full payment.

  • BA2 - Application for Extension of Time
  • BA2 - Materials on Street
  • BA13 - Building Approval Certificate - Unauthorised (Work Done)
  • BA13 - Building Approval Certificate - Strata

Track Your Building Application

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