When is a Permit Required?

A Demolition Permit is required prior to the demolition of any major structure. A permit is not required for the demolition of incidental structures such as patios, pergolas and garden sheds.

Municipal Heritage Inventory

Before submitting an application, please ensure you have consulted the Municipal Heritage Inventory to ensure the site is not heritage listed.

Application Requirements

To obtain a Demolition Permit, the City of Melville requires the submission to include the following:

Demolition Permit Application Form and Permit Fee

The Demolition Permit Application Form must be completed and signed by all property owners and the demolition contractor.

The permit fee must be included with your application. View applicable fees.

Download Demolition Permit Application Form

Site Plan (with existing building/s and scale)

Details of buildings to be demolished and retained are to be provided (partial demolition only).

Rat Bait Certificate

A Letter or Certificate from a Pest Inspector confirming the property has been rat baited. Rat baiting is required to be undertaken in all the main structures to be demolished. Bait stations are to be placed within roof spaces and beneath the building where the flooring is of timber construction. Preferred baits include Bromakil, Talon and Contrac.

Colour photographs

Colour photographs of the property to be demolished is required (include house, kerb, pool and street trees).

Cut and Seal Certificate

A Completion Certificate by a Registered Plumber of cut and seal of sewer/water services (include photograph of location).

Disconnection of services

All services are required to be disconnected prior to the issue of a Demolition Licence including Alinta Gas, Western Power, Water Corporation and Telstra.

Your demolition application must include the following:

  • Synergy Disconnection Application: A copy of the application to Synergy requesting disconnection of service to the property
  • Alinta Disconnection Application: A copy of the application to Alinta requesting disconnection of service to the property is required (if there is a gas connection).

BCITF form or BCITF receipt

The Building Construction Industry Trust Fund (BCITF) is only required to be paid for applications with a contract value that is over $20,000 (cost of development including GST). Please pay directly to BCITF and supply a receipt from BCITF as proof of the payment. BCITF forms are available from BCITF or at the Building Counter. 

Certificate of Title

A Certificate of Title is an official land ownership record. You can order a copy of a Certificate of Title to find current ownership information for any property in Western Australia.

A Certificate of Title gives you:

  • current ownership details
  • volume and folio
  • survey plan number and type
  • document numbers for encumbrances and notifications
  • whether there is a caveat against the title.

Certificate of Titles are available from Landgate.

Verge Bond

A Verge Bond (formerly Kerb Security Deposit KSD) is a bond held by the City of Melville to ensure that any damages caused to the City’s verge infrastructure during works or construction are reinstated to pre-works condition at completion of those works.

A Verge Bond is required for:

  • All demolitions works
  • All swimming pool installations/removal
  • Residential and commercial building construction or works valued at over $20,000.

Demolition of Buildings Containing Asbestos

Demolitions of buildings containing asbestos are required to have the asbestos removed in accordance with the requirements of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1994.

More Information and Contact

Please note, this is a list of the minimum requirements. You may be asked for further information by a Building Surveyor which you will have 21 calendar days to provide or your application may be refused. 

For further information please contact Building Services at the City of Melville on 1300 635 845

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