How to Apply for a Crossover

The portion of the driveway between the front boundary of your property and the road carriageway is known as the crossover.

To apply for a new crossover to be installed on your property, it is important to note:

  • All crossover works require approval from the City
  • Building and Planning approval does not include crossover approval
  • Works performed without approval will be deemed as unauthorised works.

Please see below crossover and specifications.

Application Process

  1. Download Crossover Guidelines and Specifications to ensure your crossover design meets specifications
  2. Once you are satisfied compliance can be achieved, download the 'Application for New Crossover' form below
  3. Fill in the details required and return the completed form to the City of Melville:
  4. An officer will conduct an on site inspection of the property and check the suitability of the proposed new crossover
  5. The applicant will be advised if the crossover application has been approved, or if declined an explanation will be provided

Please allow a minimum of 10 (ten) business days for crossover approvals.

Crossover Subsidy

You are eligible for a subsidy if this is your first crossover for the property, or if it is an upgrade from a bitumen crossover to a concrete or brick paved crossover.

To apply for a subsidy, complete the 'Application for Crossover Subsidy' form below.

Please note: If you want a brick paved crossover, you are still required to have a concrete apron.

More Information and Contact

Please call 1300 635 845.

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