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Development of Sustainable Homes

Whether you're building, renovating or wanting a more comfortable and eco-friendly home, there are a number of options to reduce your energy and water consumption and have a healthier and greener home.

Around 26% of the energy used in a house is for heating and cooling. In addition, 31% is used for heating water and 16% for refrigeration.

There are simple, cost effective ways to reduce your energy bills along with some replacement strategies in existing homes that will save you money over time.

A healthy home is one that uses mostly natural ventilation and sunlight for lighting, heating and cooling and mostly avoids volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in its construction and furnishings and toxic chemicals for cleaning.

Energy Efficiency - Useful Links

  • Greensmart - The Greensmart Program gives you the chance to develop new skills, get accredited, and promote your services to the expanding marketplace
  • Greensmart Leaders and Partners - organisations creating sustainable homes and products
  • Energy Rating - provides information about the E3 Program. Find out about the Energy Rating Label and access an Energy Rating Calculator
  • Energy Smart - information on energy efficiency, solar installation and monitoring.

Sustainable Development - Useful Links

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