A strata title is the most common title associated with town houses and home units and is evidence of ownership of a unit, which is called a lot, in a strata plan. 

A strata plan divides a building and its associated land into lots, each of which has a strata title, and usually common property.

Common property is the part of the land and building in the strata plan which does not form part of any unit, for instance, stairways, passages, driveways and carpark.

A Guide to Strata Titles

Landgate has produced 'A Guide to Strata Titles' (PDF).

This guide is useful for anyone who lives in or owns or will be a prospective owner of a strata unit and includes information on:

  • Rights and obligations of owners and the strata company:
  • Insurance issues
  • Renovations and/or additions to the property
  • Standard by-laws.

Landgate provides an excellent land and property information service. Please contact Landgate for advice on strata issues.

Issuing a Strata Title

Once all the buildings have been constructed in the Strata, a title will need to be issued.

The following application forms are available on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website:

  • BA11 – Application for occupancy permit strata
  • BA15 – Application for building approval certificate strata


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