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Building approval forms are available on the Building Commission website.

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Building Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets provide an overview of requirements (including building permits) and related regulations. We suggest you review the 'When a Building Permit is Not Required' fact sheet first.

Building FAQs

Do I need to pay any fees at the time of lodgment?

Yes, ALL fees must be paid in full at the time of application.

How do I pay the fee?

Payments can be made when lodging online through our secure website using credit card only, with your application via post to: City of Melville, Locked Bag 1, BOORAGOON WA 6954 or, in person at City of Melville, 10 Almondbury Road, BOORAGOON.

Help! The size of my attachments is greater than 150MB, what do I do?

Prior to finalising your online lodgement, please call Planning Administration on 9364 0111 for further assistance.

Must Engineer drawings be certified?

Yes. If the plans are not signed physically or digitally by a Certified Engineer, then a letter needs to be submitted from the Design Engineer on letterhead, signed, quoting the details of the plan(s) and relevant Australian Standards.

Can I lodge an application for a Building Permit without a Builder?

No, you must include details of your nominated builder with your application for a permit.

Do I need a Registered Builder?

Yes, if the construction value is greater than $20,000 or is for structural work.

What if I do not include all of the required information?

If you do not provide all of the required information as stated on the validation check sheets your application may be deemed incomplete and returned to you. The application can be resubmitted once you are able to provide all of the relevant information. Please only submit one copy of plans.

Can I track my application on line?

Yes. The City’s online tracking facility is readily accessible via our online services.

The status of your application will be displayed as follows:

Under ValidationApplication is currently with an administration officer to determine if all required documents have been lodged.
Under AssessmentApplication is currently with a Building Officer for assessment.
Further Information RequestedA letter has been issued to the applicant requesting further details pertaining to the application.
Awaiting Planning ApprovalApplication is awaiting a Planning decision.
Recommended for Approval/ RefusalApplication has been assessed by the relevant Building Officer and has been forwarded to a Senior Officer for approval.
Approved/ RefusedApplication has been determined and finalised by Officers and electronic or hard copy will be issued to the Builder.
How long will it take for my Building Permit to be approved?

For certified permits, 10 (ten) business days. For Uncertified permits 25 (twenty five) business days.

What is the difference between an Uncertified and Certified Building application?

Certified applications include a Design Certificate by a private registered contractor. Uncertified applications are certified by the City’s Building Services. The fees are not the same for Certified and Uncertified applications.

What structures DO NOT require a Building Permit?

Areas where a building permit is not required for certain work

Schedule 4 Clause 1 of the Building Regulations sets out areas of the state (being specific regional or remote areas) where a building permit is not required for certain work.

REGARDLESS of any exemption that may apply there is ALWAYS a requirement under s. 37(2) of the Building Act for the OWNER to ensure that the building or incidental structure, when completed, COMPLIES with each applicable building standard.

Types of building work for which a building permit is not required 

Schedule 4 Clause 2 of the Building Regulations sets out the kinds of building work for which a building permit is not required for certain work. These include small garden sheds, temporary site sheds, certain fences (other than a fence forming part of an enclosure for a private swimming pool), certain masts and antennas, small retaining walls, small pergolas and the like. The Building Regulations provides a detailed description of these exemptions.

For more details please refer to Building Regulations 2012

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