Your Rates Calculations Explained

Information about how the figure on your rates notice is calculated.

How are my rates calculated?

Each Property is individually assessed by the Valuer Generals Office once every 3 years, to determine its Gross Rental Value (GRV). Where a property is vacant, the GRV is calculated as 3% of the market value of the land.

  • Gross Rental Value = The yearly rent the property would be expected to receive if rented

The City of Melville then sets the the Rate in the Dollar that it will charge to maintain the city's services.

  • Rate in the Dollar = The rates charged per dollar of Gross Rental Value

The 'Rate in the Dollar' is shown in the top right hand corner of your rate notice.

A combination of the two will result in your rates charges.

Additional Service Charges

Security & Surveillance Fee and Pool/Spa Inspection Fee: