Community Safety Service (CSS)

The Community Safety Service (CSS) is a highly visible, 24 hour, 7 day a week mobile patrol service that acts as extra eyes and ears for the community and police.

The CSS is a mobile patrol service that observes, monitors and reports suspicious behaviour to police. Did you know they:

  • Can be contacted 24/7
  • Patrol 24/7
  • Share information and work with police
  • Patrol hot spots to deter criminal activity
  • Provide holiday watch patrols while you are away
  • Detect and report graffiti, vandalism and maintenance incidents
  • Can give information on safety and crime prevention

Aside from being visibly present, the CSS also does a lot of behind the scenes work in your community which helps to improve the safety and security of your local neighbourhood. Check out the services the CSS provide below:

How do I request a CSS Holiday Watch Patrol?

For security and peace of mind, you can register your property for a CSS Holiday Watch Patrol at no extra cost. Our CSS Officers will patrol your property regularly during the day and night while you’re away.

Register for a Holiday Watch Patrol or call the CSS on 1300 653 643.

What does the CSS do, how does it benefit residents?

  • Patrol 24/7 to observe, monitor and report suspicious behaviour to police
  • Meet weekly with local police to exchange information  
  • Provide targeted patrols based on information from local police and the community
  • Provide police with information to assist them to investigate crime and apprehend offenders
  • Provide information on safety and crime prevention
  • Conduct Holiday Watch Patrols for residents at no additional cost.
  • Report graffiti, vandalism and maintenance incidents
  • Assist during storms and natural disasters
  • Gather evidence for noise complaints after hours
  • Support the local Neighbourhood Watch group.

Important Contacts for a Safer Melville