Roe Highway

Roe Highway is critical to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion and pollution on local roads.The City of Melville Council continues to support the completion of this road of national significance.

9 May 2017

The City of Melville has welcomed the Federal Government's budget announcement allocating $100m to ensure a southern access to and from the Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) via an extension of Roe Highway.

The $100m budget commitment towards will remove the imminent threat of gridlock by 2020 and reduce congestion around the Kwinana and South Street intersections, supporting the MAC’s potential to become WA’s largest area of employment outside of the Perth CBD. Click here for more information about the MAC.

Media Release - Federal Budget secures Murdoch Centre’s Future (9 May 2017)

Main Roads - Murdoch Drive Connection to Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway

The completion of Roe Highway (extensions 8 and 9) remains to be a critically important issue for every resident and business in the City of Melville, with an independent report commissioned by the South West Group of Councils indicating there will be damaging implications if it is not constructed.

The City of Melville will continue its efforts to work with both the State and Federal Governments to ensure road safety, and support the growth and development of the south-west metro region as the Economic Gateway to the West.