State Underground Power Program

City of Melville supports underground power, to provide a safer environment, improved streetscapes and reliability of power supply.

What is Underground Power?

Underground Power involves the relocation of existing overhead power lines and poles to an underground power system. Once the underground power has been installed, the overhead power infrastructure is removed and new street lighting is installed as part of the project.

Benefits of Underground Power

  • Improved security and reliability of power supply.
  • Improved street lighting.
  • A safer road environment (with the removal of existing power poles).
  • Improved streetscape appearance.

How are suburbs selected?

Periodically, Local Governments are invited by the State Government Public Utilities Office to prepare submissions to be considered for inclusion into the State Underground Power Program. Several submissions are selected by the State Government Public Utilities Office to proceed to Survey stage; whereby property owners are surveyed to determine the level of support for the project to go ahead. Following the surveys, the State Government and Western Power determine which proposals are to be included into the State Underground Power Program. Majority support is required for the proposal to be considered.

What is involved in the works?

Western Power would install the new underground cabling progressively through the street verges and from the front of each property to the meter box (except where this cable already exists) using below ground boring methods.  Once the new system is connected and energised, Western Power would change each property over from the overhead to the new underground system.  The old overhead system is then removed as soon as practicable.  Any reinstatement works required as a direct result of the works will be undertaken by the relevant Western Power contractor.

How is it paid for?

Projects are funded 50% City of Melville, 25% State Government, 25% Western Power. The City of Melville then funds the Project with rates levied in the project area.

Current Projects

Bicton North, completion due August 2017. Bicton North Project FAQ'sBicton North Area Map.

Melville South, completion due February 2017. Melville South Area Map.

Future Projects

Kardinya South, Alfred Cove East and Melville North (Announced by State Government 27 January 2017).

Works expected to start in 2017 and completed by the end of 2021


Who to contact

City of Melville:  Roy Bailey

Phone:  9364 0674


Western Power

Phone:  9219 2004