Residential Design Codes

The Residential Design Codes (R Codes) provides the basis for controlling residential development throughout Western Australia and has had effect from 4 October 2002.

Residential Design Codes

The Residential Design Codes (State Planning Policy 3.1) general objectives are to:

  • Provide residential development of an appropriate design for the intended residential purpose, density, context of place and scheme objectives.
  • Encourage design consideration of the social, environmental and economic opportunities possible from new housing and an appropriate response to local amenity and place.
  • Encourage design which considers and respects heritage and local culture.
  • Facilitate residential development which offers future residents the opportunities for better living choices and affordability.

A residential density coding for residential areas and mixed use areas are applied through the provisions contained under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 6.

Applications for residential development are assessed against the relevant provisions contained under LPS6, the R Codes and relevant Council Policies.

To view general property and zoning information, please go to the online mapping page of the website, where you can view each individual property’s information. To view a property’s planning information, select the ‘Planning’ module and search by address.

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