Builders Registration and Owner Builders

The Building Services Board aims to ensure the highest possible standards in the Western Australian building industry.

Owner-builders require approval from the Building Services Board under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 before they can apply for a building permit from a local government for building work valued over $20,000.

There are certain exemptions from the necessity to be registered. These are:

  • Where the total fee or charge payable for building does not exceed $20,000 (materials and labour inclusive).
  • Building in an area which is outside the Building Services Board's jurisdiction.
  • Building non-residential "farm buildings" on land used primarily for agricultural purposes.
  • Building works carried out by the Crown, Local Authorities and their respective officers when fulfilling their prescribed duties of directing or supervising the carrying out of any building contract.
  • Persons who wish to build a dwelling house/duplex or other building approved by the Building Services Board for themselves on their own land. (Such owner-builders may not, without special approval, sell for three years or build again for a period of six years).


If you wish to construct a building in the City of Melville as an Owner Builder you will first need to make application to the Building Commission.