Ensuring the Future Fitness of Melville

City of Melville LeisureFit Services are about to embark on a number of key service upgrades over the coming months that aim to ensure sustainability and maintain the LeisureFit service as a premium service provider in the health and fitness industry.

A review was undertaken to identify trends in participation in current LeisureFit programs and services, as well as a wider review of the City’s demographics and consumer and fitness industry trends to better understand their impacts on LeisureFit now and into the near future.

One of the more significant changes occurring, due to a considerable reduction in the number of gym users at LeisureFit Melville, together with the growth of other gym providers in the area, is the consolidation of gym services from LeisureFit Melville to Booragoon. 

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the City made a difficult but appropriate decision to withdraw the gym service from LeisureFit Melville, following the strategic review that identified challenges in maintaining steady membership levels at this Centre.

“While it will be sad to close the doors on the gym at LeisureFit Melville in late April, it will allow us to better focus on gym services at LeisureFit Booragoon and provide the ability to diversify the offerings available at this facility, including a new and exciting group training studio, while still providing services in the most efficient way possible,” he said.

“All other programs and services, including group fitness, wellness, sports and gymbakids, will continue to run at LeisureFit Melville, with new programs currently being developed for the future.

“With a number of exciting new developments happening at LeisureFit over the next few years, we want our members and community to be able to continue to enjoy the facilities and lead a healthy active lifestyle.”

Some of the new developments happening at LeisureFit over the next few years, under the ‘Future Fit’ branding banner, will include: 

  1. Expansion of LeisureFit Booragoon’s gym, to become one of the best gyms in Perth, including a dedicated free weights area and the introduction of an athletic training zone boasting specialist equipment.
  2. Expansion of seniors, wellness and athletic training through specialist classes, new programs, and dedicated resources.
  3. Revitalisation of LeisureFit Melville to become a more focused and diverse community centre, including a new and improved group training studio for Living Longer Living Stronger and other classes, better reception facilities, relocation of the Melville Bridge Club to the facility, evolution of the gymbakids program, new community meeting rooms and a large scale café.
  4. Future stages of the ‘Future Fit’ campaign will include the renovation of the pool and change rooms at LeisureFit Booragoon and identifying private business partnerships for both LeisureFit locations.

With the exact date for the closure of the gym at Melville still to be confirmed and  work timeframes and details on all projects being finalised in an ongoing manner, LeisureFit will provide regular member updates in centre, through its Facebook page www.facebook.com/leisurefit and on the website at www.melvillecity.com.au/LeisureFit.



There have been significant changes in the fitness industry across Australia in recent years that have had a large impact on established fitness and recreation centres, such as the LeisureFit centres.

As a result, LeisureFit undertook a strategic review of all programs and services at the centres together with analysis of future trends in fitness and current fitness offerings in the City of Melville.

The wider review demonstrated a significant increase in competition to the LeisureFit service with an increase of 34 new facilities in the local area in the past ten years. This has had a dramatic impact on LeisureFit Melville’s membership base with member numbers decreasing by over 30 per cent in the past four years.

A review of current LeisureFit performance was also undertaken to identify trends in participation in LeisureFit programs and services, together with a wider review of current City of Melville demographics, consumer and fitness industry trends to identify their impacts on LeisureFit now and into the near future. This background information was then used to conduct a series of workshops with key LeisureFit staff to develop Key Strategies and actions for the future of LeisureFit.

With the goal of establishing some guiding strategies for LeisureFit into the future, the review established a number of key principles:

  1. Reduce duplication of services across the two LeisureFit Centres.
  2. Improve financial sustainability of LeisureFit in order to provide services in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Continued development of programs and services in demand by the community.
  4. Continual focus on improving the customer experience of LeisureFit, both in centre and via other mediums.
  5. Development of programs and services currently underserviced by the private market in the City.