Cultural Future in Community’s Hands

The City of Melville is calling on residents to help steer the direction of the City’s revised Cultural Plan 2017-2022 by participating in a short online survey on the community engagement website

City of Melville Mayor Russel Aubrey said the Cultural Survey would provide residents the opportunity to share their creative ideas about what will add to the cultural vitality of their City.

“The feedback will help us create an up to-date five year strategic cultural  plan that would will outline the future vision and objectives of the City’s Libraries, Museums, Arts and Events,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“As a City we are entering an exciting period of cultural growth and development, and  the Cultural Survey is a fantastic way for residents to be part of that by sharing their ideas and vision with us,”

“We want to do is inspire creative conversations among our community, with culture at the heart of what makes our City such a great place to live,”

“In Melville we are lucky to already have fantastic cultural assets in our libraries, museums, galleries and annual events but now is the time to plan for the future to ensure the City can provide first-class facilities and experiences for all members of our community.”

“Most residents participate in a cultural activity of some kind within the City, so whether you’ve attended an event, used a library, visited a gallery or participated in a learning program, we want to hear from you and encourage you to take the short survey” said Mayor Aubrey.

The Survey asks respondents which cultural activities they have participated in and to rate their experience, inviting comments on how their experience could be improved and encouraging people to think without limits on what would make the City a more creative and vibrant place to live. Results from the survey will inform the new Strategic Cultural Plan 2017-2022, due for release June 2017.

To complete the survey visit Survey closes Monday, 6 March 2017.

Free access to the internet and assistance completing the survey is available at all City of Melville Libraries and Community Centres, for more information and locations call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.