Exploring place – LOCALE opens at Heathcote

Heathcote Museum & Gallery will be showcasing the artworks of seven printmakers with the opening of Locale, a new exhibition, running from Saturday, 6 May, to Sunday, 11 June 2017.

Visitors to Locale will experience how each of the seven printmakers takes an interdisciplinary approach to address concerns faced by contemporary artists, in an era of increased mobility and development of place.
Artists, Emma Jolley, Monika Lukowska, Carly Lynch, Melanie McKee, Layli Rakhsha, Rachel Salmon-Lomas, and Gemma Weston explore the notion of place from a variety of perspectives; attention fluctuates from a small, singular room, to the expanses of a suburban skyline. 
Gallery curator Jana Braddock said the works represent both a physical environ and a significant emotional connection to place for each artist. 
Arts writer, Sheridan Coleman, expands in the catalogue essay, “Place, as it unfolds in Locale, does not simply mean ‘location’. Rather, it indicates a state of involvement with site. It describes the imaginative work by which each artist has shaped or come to understand specific places… Place, as these seven artists describe it, is not a rigid physical site, but something that can be modified, created, demolished, remembered or imagined.” 
Printmaking is a malleable process that gives freedom to cross boundaries both technically and conceptually. Combining screen printing, lithography, photo-etching and digital photography, there is evidence in Locale of both traditional and digital processes. This amalgamation of processes informs the creative approach of the artists, showcasing the adaptability of the print medium in the present.
Although each artist responds uniquely to the exhibition theme, common threads are apparent. McKee, Rakhsha and Weston are all concerned with the domestic interior. Yet they approach it from singular perspectives conceptually and technically, with an emphasis variously on the past and present understandings of specific places.  
Lukowska and Jolley are interested in the suburban experience of Perth, but from differing viewpoints as Jolley is born and raised in Perth, while Lukowska is a recent immigrant. 
Lynch and Salmon-Lomas’ work centres on Heathcote itself, particularly the experience of those who resided or worked there in its former life as a Hospital; oscillating from collective to deeply personal experiences of that place.
Dr Paul Uhlmann will officially open the exhibition on Friday, 5 May 2017 at 6.00pm. Members of the public wishing to attend the opening should RSVP by Tuesday, 2 May 2017 to heathcote@melville.wa.gov.au or phone 9364 5666.
The exhibition runs from Saturday, 6 May to Sunday, 11 June 2017, at Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Heathcote Cultural Centre, 58 Swan House, Duncraig Road, Applecross. The opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 12noon to 4.00pm.
For more information visit www.melvillecity.com.au/heathcote or contact 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.