New civic building will become a central community facility

A new civic building rumoured to become a new office building for City of Melville staff, is in fact planned to become a central community facility and hub of culture and activity for Melville residents to connect, learn, enjoy and celebrate their identity.

The  Melville City Centre Structure Plan endorsed by the Council at a Special Meeting of Council held on 9 December 2013, provides for a new City of Melville community hub to be established in the city centre.

The inclusion of a hub in the city centre is seen as critical for vibrancy and the delivery of key city services and has clear links to the City’s Strategic Community Plan in lreation to the aspirations of Sense of Community and Accessible and Inclusive.

Previous feedback regarding the City Centre has also indicated the communtiy would like to see the current civic spaces and facilities improved. 

The new civic building will become the central community facility for all City of Melville residents.

The new facility will house the following core services:

  • The City’s Main Library (replacing the existing Civic Square Library)
  • Municipal/Community Museum
  • Gallery and Exhibition space
  • Flexible meeting spaces / conference room
  • City’s customer service interface
  • Melville Volunteer Resource Centre
  • Community Information Service and JP service
  • Child Health Clinic
  • Outdoor Civic Space
  • Commercial Café/Restaurant.

Click here for the Council minutes on 24 June 2015 where the proposed library cultural centre was adopted.