How can nature's architecture inspire next generation technology?

Free public lecture

How can something appear green, without a colour pigment?

Dr Gerd Schröder-Turk is leading research to discover how naturally-occurring nanostructures are doing just that in organisms such as the green butterfly.

Millionths of a millimetre in size, Dr Schröder-Turk will examine how and why nature uses these structures, how they are produced, and how we can reproduce these structures to inspire new technologies.

Dr Schröder-Turk is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering and Information Technology, leading research in 'materials geometry'.

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Contact NameFiona Mochrie
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LocationMurdoch Unibersity 90 South St Murdoch
Start Date16 October 2017
End Date16 October 2017
Start Time18:00
End Time19:00