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City of Melville War Memorial

The new war memorial for the community of the City of Melville will be a site for ceremonies and a landmark to commemorate those who have served in Australia’s defence forces.

Heathcote Museum & Gallery

This innovative gallery in the Heathcote complex hosts regular exhibitions from local artists, as well as a museum detailing the history of the Heathcote site.

Melville Discovery Centre

The City of Melville collects and preserves historical information and artefacts through the Melville Discovery Centre.

Wireless Hill Museum

Discover the former Applecross Wireless Station and its role in connecting Perth to Eastern Australia and the world.

Future Plan for Libraries and Museums

Where are the City of Melville Libraries and Museums heading?

Volunteering at Libraries and Museums

Get involved in your local community and volunteer at the City of Melville’s Libraries and Museums.
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