Community Wellbeing

Find out how the City of Melville defines and measures community wellbeing.

The City considers community wellbeing as the broad range of economic, social, environmental, cultural and governance aspirations and priorities identified as important by a community.

It is important to recognise that communities will have different aspirations and priorities with regard to community wellbeing and therefore it is impossible and possibly counter-productive to establish a single, universally agreed definition of wellbeing.

Rather, it is important that communities articulate their priorities and goals and then measure the extent to which these are being met. Community wellbeing indicators are therefore best understood as tools for understanding progress in achieving these goals.

The Community Wellbeing Survey and Scorecard were driven by the Revised Strategic Community Plan People Places Participation 2012-2022.

The domains that were seen as important by the City’s residents are:
• Access and Social Inclusion
• Engagement
• Liveable Built Environment
• Clean and Green Environment
• Sustainable and Connected Transport
• Sense of Community
• Growth and Prosperity
• Healthy Lifestyles
• Safety and Security