Before You Book - Main Hall

Important information to read before submitting a Booking Application Form.

All bookings in the Main Hall are subject to fees. Please check the Fees and Charges to determine costs that maybe associated with placing a booking.

The equipment located within the hall (tables, chairs etc) are included in the hire charges. Any additional equipment (sound, audio, cups, plates etc) must be supplied by the hirer and removed at the conclusion of the booking.

If you are planning on including a structure, please indicate this on the booking form. You may need to read and agree to the conditions for installing a structure within the building and complete any relevant forms. The Bookings and Events Officer will advise you if this required once a Booking Application Form has been submitted.

The equipment must be put away and the venue cleared of any litter at the conclusion of your booking. All bins must be emptied into the large bin located in the car park next to the kitchen. You may want to hire additional bins to assist in the removal of any rubbish associated with your booking. If the City is required to undertake a clean up of the venue as a result of a booking, then the cost associated with this will be forwarded onto the hirer.

If you are planning on consuming or selling alcohol at your booking you must apply for a liquor consumption licence. If a relevant liquor licence is not present at the booking, then fines may apply.

All booking requests are required to under take a risk management plan. It must be line with International Standard ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines. For more information on how to do this please see Event Risk Management Plan. It is up to the event organiser to ensure this is completed and followed.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the electricity supply and installations are safe, appropriately tagged and in compliance with all legislation requirements.

All organisations or groups acting on behalf of an organisation must provide with the City of Melville with a copy of current Public Liability Insurance. The value of this must be a minimum of $10 million. If you are unsure if this is required as part of your request please complete the Public Liability Disclaimer. If you are attaching a Certificate of Currency then the Public Liability Disclaimer is not required.

To check if your date and time is available please contact Customer Service on 1300 635 845. Please note, the bookings are place in the system as the forms are received. Availability for the requested date may change. An applicant should not consider the venue/date requested booked until an approval letter has been received.

Approvals process

  1. Once an application is received, it is sent to the Bookings and Events Officer. The booking form is checked to ensure all required fields have been completed. Any incomplete forms will be sent back to the applicant and the requested date will not be put on hold.
  2. If other City of Melville officers are required to supply approval, the Bookings and Events Officer will seek this on behalf of the applicant. Please note, further forms or information might be required to be supplied by the applicant.
  3. A letter advising the outcome of the request will be issued to the applicant. This generally happens within 10 working days of the request being submitted.
  4. If the request has been approved an invoice will be included with the approval letter.
  5. Payment on this invoice is required within 14 working days. The booking date is held in the system pending payment. If payment is not received then the requested date will be released for other applicants.
  6. Once payment is received, a letter confirming the booking will be issued in the mail.
  7. If a bond has been paid, then the venue will be assessed after the booking. Providing there is no damage to the venue, then the bond will be refunded via a cheque in the mail. It may take 3-4 weeks before the applicant will receive the cheque.