Willagee Residents to Benefit from New Residential Project

The suburb of Willagee has been transforming since the adoption of the Willagee Structure Plan by the Council in 2013. Last night (Tuesday, 16 May 2017) it was given another boost when the Council approved the new residential housing development project at the former Carawatha Primary School site, to progress.

In recent years Willagee has been revitalised, with the centrally located suburb experiencing a wave of new investment, including a range of new businesses, amenities and public facilities. The completion of the award winning Carawatha Park has also added to the community focused family-friendly feel of the area.

Following an extended Request for Proposals process which began in April 2015 and the approval of the preferred proponent Satterley Property Group, the Council has now approved the CEO to draft and execute the project agreements to deliver the redevelopment project on behalf of the City.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said that in 2006 the City had purchased the former school site with a genuine commitment to enhance the area, and since that time had worked very closely with the local community to create a clear vision to invigorate the suburb.

“As local government we have had a leadership role to play in consulting, planning and designing for the future of Willagee, however it has truly been the residents and business owners who have been involved, engaged and passionate about their suburb and their community from the very beginning of this journey,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“Today, Willagee has everything, with its award winning parks, two new medical centres, several new cafes, excellent public transport, renovated library and a strong sense of community.

“This residential development will bring more variety and affordable housing choices to Willagee, meaning that more people will have more choices to live in Willagee, increasing confidence in the suburb and attracting new residents and businesses. The City will manage the development of the site to ensure a high-quality and sustainable product is delivered.

“Some of the new homes in the development will overlook Carawatha Park offering residents wonderful views of nature, and giving the community added security in the area with the Park becoming highly visible.

“The residential development will also generate an economic return, which will be reinvested into the local community infrastructure and projects as well as stimulate opportunities for additional local jobs and businesses, bringing hundreds of new customers to the area.

“As the project progresses we will be keeping the community informed including visits to local businesses, FAQs, website updates and other opportunities.”

Sustainable urban development, building and design initiatives, public open space and public art contributions will all help deliver a built form residential development that is consistent with the vision for Willagee, and aligns with the principles and objectives of the City’s Land Asset Management Plan:

  • Supports Community and Social Needs
  • Generates Economic Value
  • Delivers Planning Outcomes
  • Creates Additional Revenue Streams
  • Supports Intergenerational Equity by Delivering Long Term Financial, Social and Environmental Value to the Community

For more detailed information please visit www.melvillecity.com.au/carawatha or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.