Print from anywhere, collect at the library

City of Melville Libraries are excited to introduce a new mobile service giving residents easy access to printing services from their own personal devices, wherever they may be.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the community had expressed a desire for the City’s libraries to shift towards technology, and the new mobile printing service would not only give residents access to a new service but also a solution for those who don’t  own their own printer.

“The new ‘remote’ service means that wherever they are residents can easily print from their home computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and collect the print-outs at their nearest City of Melville library within three days,” Mayor Aubrey said.

Users on internet connected mobile devices or tablets can download the free PrinterOn app from their App Store to access the new printing service while laptop and desktop users can visit

“While usual printing fees will apply to the new service, an added value for residents is they will not have to worry about printer malfunctions or running out of ink or paper - it is all about the convenience that mobile printing provides.”

For more information and to view a step-by-step guide for using the mobile print service click here or contact 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.