City of Melville War Memorial

ANZAC Service 2016

The Anzac Dedication and Service was held on Sunday, 24 April at the new War Memorial at Wireless Hill Park. The event was huge sucess with over 1,000 people turning up to pay their respects and see the new War Memorial Dedication Service.

War Memorial

The new war memorial for the community of the City of Melville is a site for ceremonies and a landmark to commemorate those who have served in Australia’s defence forces.

The City of Melville worked with Artsource, Applecross RSL and other stakeholders to develop a new war memorial for the community of the City of Melville. This war memorial exists as a site for ceremonies and a structure/landmark to commemorate those who have served in Australia’s defence forces.

The new memorial will replace the existing Clocktower memorial at Civic Square, Booragoon and is located at Wireless Hill, Ardross.

Arterial Design were selected to develop the contemporary public art memorial, which was designed to be complementary and relevant to the site, respectful of its symbolic purpose as a war memorial, sensitive to the surrounding landscape and natural environment, a place of reflection for a single visitor as well being able to accommodate large group ceremonies and encourage connection to the community.

Applecross RSL and art students from City of Melville High Schools were initially involved in the development of war memorial designs in March and April 2015.

City of Melville High School Students then had the final say in the project, voting between two final concepts to determine the City of Melville’s new war memorial in June 2015.

Arterial Design, Phase 3 and the City of Melville subsequently worked together to ensure the memorial was successfully installed on time in February 2016.

War Memorial Concept by Arterial Design

The people who serve to defend Australia are and were everyday people, ordinary men and women like you and me doing extraordinary things in extraordinary situations.

The design features:

  • 9 double-sided steel vertical blades within a circular formation.
  • Side A displays a panoramic photograph. When viewed from a distance the individual blades come together to form a single scene.
  • Side B consists of laser cut life-size silhouettes that represent various uniforms and disciplines. These are formed by a pattern of words, sourced from texts chosen in consultation with Applecross RSL.
  • Lighting to illuminate the memorial at night time.
  • Plaques of the four arms of the defence forces.

City of Melville War MemorialCity of Melville War Memorial at night