What the City of Melville is doing

The City of Melville is committed to measuring and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, as well as making sure our community is adapted to the effects of climate change.

Measuring Emissions

The City of Melville has been actively tackling the issues surrounding Climate Change since joining the ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection program in 1999 and completing milestone one that year. In 2009, the CCP program was defunded and the City signed up to the Planet Footprint Environmental Scorekeeping Service to track our greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing Emissions

The City of Melville is working to reduce emissions through installation of renewable energy systems on a number of buildings, changing lights to LED as they become due for replacement, centre upgrades, IT rationalisation, and staff education.

Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre also provides education to the community on alternative energy options and saving energy.

Adapting to Climate Change

Even if we could curb global greenhouse gas emissions today, some level of climate change is likely to occur as a result of historic emissions.

In 2012, the City undertook a major risk assessment exercise to establish climate change risks within the Melville area using various emissions scenarios. The results of this exercise were developed into a 5-year Climate Change Adaptation Plan which commits the City to undertaking a variety of tasks to reduce these risks.

View the City's latest Environmental Policy.