Program Options

Interactive educational programs to target sustainable living, the natural environment and Noongar Boodja.


Experience a guided tour of the bush land and/or wetland area and learn about the how various native animal species are optimally adapted to use the resources available within the Piney Lakes system.


Students will take a walk within the Piney Lakes bushland area and learn about the native and introduced flora of the region and the critical role plants play within the Piney Lakes ecosystem.

Go Green

Tour the Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre and Living Classroom area, to learn about sustainable building design, waste resource management and native gardening and examine how collectively these initiatives minimise our carbon footprint.

Bush Biology

Guided bushwalk to observe and discuss the features of the landscape, vegetation types, biodiversity, urban land use issues, local flora and fauna species, Aboriginal history, altered habitats, adaptations and/or general awareness of the environment.


Climatewatch, an initiative of the Earthwatch Institute of Australia allows students and citizens to observe and record the seasonal behaviour of plants and animals. This information helps scientists understand how Australia’s environment is responding to climate change.

Noongar Boodja Waakiny with Bindi Bindi Dreaming

Experience a guided tour of the Bidi Katitjiny Aboriginal Womens Trail and learn about the Noongar six seasons, with Bindi Bindi Dreaming.

Little Creatures in the Lake

Students visit the artificial lake or natural Piney Lake wetland to observe the environment of native aquatic species. Students then return to the education centre to study samples of aquatic invertebrates and use a worksheet and identification charts to complete activities.

Volunteering Service Projects

Volunteering and conservation activities for groups seeking to complete service hours.