Foreshore Restoration Strategy

The Foreshore Restoration Strategy identifies priority areas along Melvilles 18km of foreshore for restoration or erosion control works.

The City of Melville features 18km of river foreshore around the Swan and Canning Rivers, running from Petra Street, Bicton to Bateman Park, Brentwood.

The foreshore is used for conservation, passive recreation and active recreation.

Conservation reserves along the foreshore include;

  • Alfred Cove
  • Applecross foreshore
  • Attadale foreshore
  • Blackwall Reach
  • Bull Creek

These reserves provide habitat and feeding grounds for a large number of water birds including the Black Swan. Some of these birds are migratory flying from the northern hemisphere and northern Australia to nest or feed.

Because of development and the impact from various urban factors, these foreshore areas differ in condition from excellent to poor. The major problems facing the City along the foreshore are weeds, erosion and litter. See the City of Melville Foreshore Restoration Strategy for more information on foreshore condition and future restoration and stabilisation works to be undertaken.

The installation of baffles and the planting of sedges and other native plants are combating erosion. Weed control is an ongoing process that is carried out by City staff and volunteer community groups. Litter can be controlled with the help of all community members.