Environmental Management

For Information on parks and reserves, wildlife, weeds, water quality, dieback, friends of groups, current projects and plans and policies for the City of Melville.

Current Environmental Projects

For information on major projects being carried out in bushland and foreshore reserves throughout the City.


Find out about dieback, its impact on our environment and what's being done to control it.

Environmental Friends Groups

Find out how to get involved with your local environmental friends group. Volunteer by joining a group or participating in planting days and environmental events.

Jetties, Boardwalks and Boat Ramps


Maintenance of Parks and Reserves

The City of Melville maintains numerous parks, both passive (non-reticulated) and active (reticulated).


The City of Melville allows for the installation of memorials within public land if the for of an aluminum seat with a plaque attached to the back rest.

Plans and Policies

Contains Management plans, strategy and policy documents pertaining to natural bushlands and reserves.

Water Quality

For information about water quality, its impacts, how we measure water quality and how you can help.

Weed Management

For information on weeds in the City of Melville and our annual weed spraying program.


For information on native animals, bird watching, poaching and dumping, feral bees and feral animal control, fishing and what to do with sick or injured wildlife.