Information for Parents, Teachers and Facilitators

The aim of the resource is to reduce young people's acceptability of the harms associated with drunkenness and support safer drinking settings.

About 'The Gathering'

 Created for use with young people (aged 15-18) in schools and youth settings, to support conversations about the teen drinking culture.

The DVD resource  reflects the negative aspects of the contemporary teenage drinking culture,  providing a powerful tool to support discussion with young people and raise awareness of the acute harms associated with binge drinking including alcohol poisoning, violence and unwanted sex. It can also be used to facilitate discussion with the community to discourage the secondary supply of alcohol to juveniles. 

The Resource Material

Exploring the impact of common social and cultural norms around: alcohol use; the impact of popular culture on health behaviours; sexual health; and communication skills required to manage group dynamics such as negotiation, decision making, assertiveness and supporting others, The Gathering has strong curriculum links to Year 10 Health and Physical Education, Health Studies (Units PAHEA, PBHEA, 1AHEA, 1DHEA) and the Year 10 Viewing Strand of the English Learning Area.

Interactive student activities and assessment tasks that link to the content of  these Curriculum units are outlined in the accompanying facilitator resource material.

Running Time: 27minutes

Warning: This DVD contains coarse language and sexual references. It is most appropriatefor viewing by young people aged 15 years and over. It should be used as part of a comprehensive alcohol education program and/or English Year 10 curriculum.

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