Educational Resources

Educational resources for High Schools and youth organisations focusing on building positive mental health, improving self-esteem and reducing unhealthy risk taking behavior.


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Who Said It's Easy Being A Guy

This magazine was developed in consultation with young males aged between 15 and 22 from various schools and youth groups.

'6' - A DVD based high school resource aimed at young men

An educational short film about adolescence. Centred around a group of 17 year old males dealing with challenges faced by young men including self-esteem, sexuality, relationships, drink driving and suicide.

The Writing's on the Wall

A script based educational graffiti resource discussing issues faced by adolescents including, unhealthy risk taking, self-esteem, coping skills.

The Gathering Alcohol Education DVD

A 'real life' alcohol education resource, to engage young people (aged 15-18) in discussion about the harms associated with excessive alcohol consumption and the teen drinking culture.