Tilt 2015 - Hoon

2015 TILT artist Andy Quilty. 14 November to 20 December 2015

14 November to 20 December 2015
Official Opening: Friday, 13 November 2015

Each year Heathcote invites an artist to respond to the site. This year’s TILT artist is Andy Quilty with Hoon.

‘Hooning’, a term favoured by authorities, references the act of performing ‘burnouts’ - a deliberate imprint of melted rubber left by a motor vehicle in a physical recording of oneself onto the suburban environs.

In Hoon the artist examines notions of the burnout as a suburbanite marking of territory within a historical and post colonial context. Drawing upon the social and physical history of Heathcote and surrounding areas, ideas around ownership, entitlement and sense of place form the basis of enquiry.