2008 Exhibitions


Visitors to the Heathcote Museum and Gallery will experience a series of works that challenge the conventional perceptions of photography in a new exhibition. The exhibition, titled Meniscus A Photographic Journey by Louise Mann, will be on display from Friday, 18 January to Sunday, 24 February 2008.

18 January 2008 10:00 - 24 February 2008 15:00

Material Pleasure

Five emerging female artists have joined forces to present a new exhibition titled Material Pleasure at Heathcote Museum and Gallery from 29 February to 6 April 2008

29 February 2008 10:00 - 06 April 2008 15:00

Gestalt Art of the Graphic Novel

An exhibition of sequential illustrations, and the creative process behind them, by some of Australias finest emerging graphic novelists.

10 April 2008 10:00 - 18 May 2008 15:00


New works by Robyn Bogdanis.Enter the Heritage listed Heathcote Museum and Gallery and become aware of the presence of other beings. Created from bush material, animals of an earlier era have reclaimed their habitat, standing their ground, returning with soulful eyes, the gaze of the viewer.

23 May 2008 10:00 - 29 June 2008 15:00

LINK new directions by ten contemporary jewellers

A year in the making, 10 female Western Australian jewellers are showcasing new contemporary jewellery works. This body of work represents the participants involvement in the FORM Contemporary Craft and Design initiative Designing Futures Contemporary Wearables Cluster.

11 July 2008 10:00 - 10 August 2008 15:00


New works by Robyn Walton

15 August 2008 15:14 - 21 September 2008 15:00

Tilt 2008 Cover Up

As part of the annual exhibition program, Heathcote Museum Gallery is pleased to present Tilt, an exciting new initiative by the City of Melville. Come discover Tilts first guest artist, Olga Cironis in a site specific installation called Cover Up.

26 September 2008 13:50 - 02 November 2008 13:50

Uncertain Ground

Heathcote Museum and Gallery will be ending its annual exhibition program with a show by emerging local artists Siglinde Johannesson, Gail Russell, Louise Morrison and Helen Bodycoat from Friday, 7 November to Tuesday, 21 December.

11 November 2008 10:00 - 21 December 2008 15:00