Entry Fees

Casual entry fees apply at LeisureFit Booragoon and LeisureFit Melville for fitness classes swim gym crèche PT spa sauna and more. Gift Vouchers also available.

Concession rates
City of Melville residents who are full time students, pension or DVA card holders, are classified as Concession in the below tables.

Multi-visit passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be shared with another person. Extensions will not be granted unless documented proof is presented.

Price List

Effective 1 July, 2017

Gym* StandardConcession
Single Visit$16.00$14.40
10 Visit Pass$144.00$129.60
20 Visit Pass$280.00$252.00
40 Visit Pass$544.00$489.60
Fitness Classes*StandardConcession
Single Visit$14.00$12.60
10 Visit Pass$126.00$113.40
20 Visit Pass$245.00$220.50
40 Visit Pass$476.00$428.40
Small Group PLUS Classes*
(Pilates Reformer, Power Reformer & Barre Attack)
Single Visit$22.00$19.80
10 Visit Pass$198.00$178.20
20 Visit Pass$385.00$346.50
40 Visit Pass$748.00$673.20
Member single visit$11.00
Personal Training* (one on one)MemberNon-member
30min session$47.50$60.30
30min 10 Pack$427.50$542.70
30min 20 Pack$831.25$1,055.25
30min 30 Pack$1,211.25$1,514.10
60min session$71.00$83.80
60min 10 Pack$639.00$754.20
60min 20 Pack$1,242.50$1,466.50
60min 30 Pack$1,785.00$2,231.25
Personal Training - Small Group* (two or more)MemberNon-member
30min session$66.50$92.10
30min 10 Pack$598.50$828.90
60min session$99.40$125.00
60min 10 Pack$894.60$1,125.00
Assessment & Programs* (By appointment only)
60 minute session$71.00
Living Longer Living StrongerStandardConcession
Single Visit$8.20$7.40
10 visit pass$82.00$74.00
Athletic (16yrs+ only)StandardConcession
Single visit$16.00$14.40
10 visit pass$144.00$129.60
Crèche MemberNon-member
8 weeks - pre-primary (Max 2 hrs)$5.60$8.00
10 Visit Pass$56.00$80.00
Adult Swim (16yrs+)StandardConcession
Single Visit $6.60$5.95
10 Visit Pass$59.40$53.45
20 Visit Pass$115.50$103.95
40 Visit Pass$224.40$201.95
Child Swim 0 - 10yrs11 - 15yrs
Single Visit (1 child 0-5yrs free with each adult swim entry)$4.90$5.95
10 Visit Pass$44.10$53.45
20 Visit Pass$85.75$103.95
40 Visit Pass$166.60$201.95
Spectator & Family EntryStandardConcession
Single Visit$2.40
second and subsequent spectator$1.00
10 Visit Pass$21.60
Family Pass (2 adults & 2 children)$17.25
Health Lounge (Spa/Sauna/Steam - 16yrs+ only)StandardConcession
Single Visit$10.70$9.65
10 Visit Pass$96.30$86.65
20 Visit Pass$187.25$168.50
40 Visit Pass$363.80$327.40
Health Lounge and Swim (16yrs+ only)StandardConcession
Single Visit$13.85$12.45
10 Visit Pass$124.55$112.10
20 Visit Pass$242.20$218.00
40 Visit Pass$470.55$423.50

*Patrons must be 14yrs or older to use these facilities or programs.