Private Functions

The City of Melville has a number reserves suitable for large or small functions. So whether it’s for your birthday, a child’s birthday party, family reunions or a organised gathering, the City can offer a number of reserves.

It’s important that approval be obtained prior to using a reserve for an organized function. Approval must be gained if any structures or if a third party contractor is proposed to be included/operating as part of the booking, such as a bouncy castle or petting zoo.

This will help to ensure that the reserve is not closed for maintenance or that the venue is not already been used for wedding, triathlons, public events or another functions.

Please note, the reserve will still be available to other casual users (family picnics etc). To request a booking, please completed the online Booking Form and submitted for assessment, fees will apply.

You are advised to read the form carefully and supply the information as required. Please note the following:

  • All applicants must complete all sections of the application form.
  • Additional forms may need to be attached, where inidcated, to the booking form.
  • If parts of the form are not applicable to your event or activity, you must indicate this in the space provided.

Once the form has been submitted, you should received notification on the outcome within 10 working days. Before you submit your booking request form, please take the time to read the Before you Book information page. This page includes information on things you need to know and the approval process.

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To check on availability please contact the Customer Service Team on 1300 635 845. Please refer to the Fees and Charges in Related Items.

To request a booking please complete the online Booking Application Form below: