Park in Ogilvie

Built in 2013, this lovely 0.5Ha local park is situated at 72 Ogilvie Road in Mt Pleasant, just one block uphill from the river.

The park includes:

  • Smart division of the park into grass and mulched areas to maximise space, minimise water usage and allow some habitat areas for local fauna.

  • Installation of terracotta coloured concrete paths, similar to nearby paths along the river.

  • Extension of the path along Clive Street to connect the park to the river front walk.

  • New artwork in the form of themed stepping stones created by artist Carol Clitheroe with the assistance of local children.

  • A drinking fountain with dog bowl.

  • Rubbish bin with dog bags.

  • Seating.

  • Logs and rocks included within the mulched area as elements for informal nature play and sitting, as well as to provide visual interest.

  • Groups of low growing WA native plants and trees are scattered throughout the mulched area to minimise water usage and maintenance.

  • The majority of trees planted within the mulched area are native, while new trees within the grassed area are flowering and deciduous, matching the mix of trees already present on the site and in the local area.

The park is yet to be formally named.

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