Healthy Melville RoadStars

Health as you have never seen it before…the Healthy Melville RoadStars are all about bringing health to LIFE!

Are you prepared to be energised, motivated and most importantly have fun? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the RoadStars would love to meet YOU!

The Healthy Melville RoadStar is the mobile ‘face’ of Healthy Melville and along with its dynamic team the RoadStars is out and about within the City, visiting various sites and events in the community Bringing Health to LIFE!

The RoadStars support and help the community achieve their health lifestyle goals by providing valuable health information, answering questions, getting people involved in activities, with loads of fun and practical ideas for people to take on board to get them on the road to a healthier life!

As a partner in the Act Belong Commit campaign, the RoadStars are able to suggest ways you can get involved in activities to support both your physical AND mental health.

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