Find Your Happy

Everyone wants a happy, fulfilling life and we want the same for the people we love. Happiness is influenced by the choices we make, our inner attitudes, how we approach relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose.

10 Keys to Happier Living

  1. Do things for others – it triggers the reward mechanism in our brains.
  2. Connect with people – provides love, meaning, support and increase feelings of self-worth.
  3. Take care of your body – use Healthy Melville Tips and get enough sleep.
  4. Notice the world around - be mindful and aware of what we can see, hear, touch and taste as well as thoughts and feelings inside.
  5. Keep learning new things – stay engaged and interested with a sense of achievement, boosting confidence and resilience.
  6. Have goals to look forward to – feel good about the future and make achievable challenges.
  7. Find ways to bounce back – choose how you respond to difficult experiences. Resilience can be learned.
  8. Be positive – feel emotions like joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and focus on the good aspects of any situation – the glass half full or silver lining approach!
  9. Be comfortable with who you are - when we constantly focus on our flaws and compare ourselves to others, it is very difficult to be happy.
  10. Give your life meaning – find a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves.