Communication through language and play 2 years +

Spending time with your two year old:

  • Repeat what your child says and add a few words.
  • Reward any sentences - even if they aren't perfect!
  • Make time to play with your child! Play helps children develop the skills they will use in life, as they build knowledge, try to solve problems and learn to share.
  • Encourage pretend play - be an elephant or a lion at the zoo!
  • Count things - fingers, toes, blocks, steps.
  • Show books with pictures and some words - your child loves pictures of animals, food and other children,
  • Encourage your child to read books over and over again, and visit your local City of Melville Rhyme Time or Story Time.
  • Include your child in day to day experiences such as helping in the house or shopping at the supermarket - be enthusiastic to make things fun!
  • Encourage imaginative play with household items such as boxes, clean sand, pots and pans.
  • Be a good role model, as children learn from watching and copying you.
  • Avoid exposing children to anti-social actions and events.