Children's Activities

The City of Melville offers a variety of children’s activities at different venues. Take a look at what is currently available.


Tunes for Tots

Healthy Melville's Tunes for Tots is back!

Stockland Playdate

An exciting new play-based session happening every month at Stockland Bull Creek for parents/carers or grandparents with pre-school aged children.

Children's Activities at Community Centres

The City of Melville offers a range of activities for children and their families at libraries, community centres, Leisurfit centres and more.

Children's Activities at Libraries and Museums

Give your children the joy of reading, rhyme and other fun activities!

Children's Activities at Piney Lakes

Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre demonstrates sustainable building design in an urban bushland area.

Children's Activities at LeisureFit Centres

The City of Melville's LeisureFit Centres provide a range of programs and activities suitable for children of all ages.