Public Art

Contributing to a sense of place,enhancing our public spaces and celebrating our cultural identity and community aspirations.

The City of Melville recognises the role public art plays in:

  • Contributing to a sense of place, interpreting and expressing the natural and cultural values of a particular site;
  • Enhancing public enjoyment and understanding of places through the integration of art;
  • Adding to the appearance, vibrancy and amenity of public spaces and their surrounding environment;
  • Creating local landmarks; and
  • Providing increased public exposure and understanding of art.

The City of Melville’s public art collection consists of over 75 artworks which have been acquired through artist commissions, exhibition purchases, donations, community arts projects and ongoing programs such as the Adopt-a-Stop Bus Shelter Program and PHAZE Urban Art Program.

Public Art is integrated into City playgrounds, park landscaping and building designs and the City also encourages public art in private developments through its percent for art policy, Provision for Public Art in Development Proposals.

Since 2004, the City has maintained a permanent Sculpture Walk at Piney Lakes Reserve. Click here for more information.

To view a gallery of our public art collection, click here. Or visit our Pinterest Public Art map here.

For more information, please email the Cultural Development Officer (Arts) or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.