Information to assist people with transport options.

Volunteer Taskforce

Volunteer Taskforce are the main provider of transport under the Home and Community Care (HACC) program for the Perth metro area and can be contacted on 9306 7000 or vist for more information.

Melville Cares

Melville Cares also provide a transport service to help frail aged and younger people with disabilities with transport and can be contacted on 9319 0900 or visit for more information.

Multipurpose Taxis

Multipurpose taxis are available through Swan Taxis (13 13 80) and Black and White Taxis (13 10 80). Ask for a multipurpose or wheelchair accessible taxi when phoning.

Taxi User Subsidy Scheme

The Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) is availble through the Department of Transport and provides taxi travel at a reduced rate for people who have a severe disability that prevents them from using conventional public transport services. More information including an application form is available through Department of Transport website or by phoning 9216 8000.

Mobility Allowance

Centrelink's Mobility Allowance provides assistance to people with disabilities who are involved in qualifying activities such as job seeking or any combination of paid employment, voluntary work, vocational training and independent living/life skills training, and who cannot use public transport permanently or for an extended period without substantial assistance. For more information including an application form visit Centrelink, found on the Department of Human Services website, or phone 13 27 17.