Business Hub

Business matters to us in Melville. The Business Hub is your central source for important information, resources and services that support the growth and development of Melville's local businesses and economy.

The City of Melville is set to transform, offering new possibilities for the growth of our  economy.

Hosting a range of commercial and industrial areas which are home to a thriving array of businesses of all size, the future of our City is supported by a long term 20 year vision of a strong, self-sufficient, vibrant and diversified local and regional economy offering a range of business and employment opportunities.

As the City goes through this exciting time of change, it is important that we connect and work with you - the business community - to build the future.

We use a range of communication channels to ensure you can be involved, in touch and informed.

Whether you want to have your say, access one of our business or community services or find a local event - we are here to listen, to help and to keep you connected. Visit for all the details.

Make sure you visit our business topic discussion page to connect other business people in the community.