Community Plan

The latest Strategic Community Plan is now available to view and download.

Download the latest Strategic Community Plan: People, Places, Participation: A Strategic Community Plan for the City of Melville 2016-2026.

The new plan reflects the community's aspirations for the future of our City.

To ensure our community was involved in this review from the start, we established a Community Reference group which was composed of 10 diverse members of the City of Melville community with different interests and needs.

The Community Reference Group met weekly and helped shape the "Tell the City Where to Go" Survey which 1,394 people completed.

Finally, we organised a Community Workshop in May, 2016 when participants had a final opportunity to think about quality of life and quality of place they wanted to see for the City.

The final document outlines six community aspirations:

•           Safe and secure
•           Healthy lifestyle
•           Sense of community
•           Clean and green
•           Growth and prosperity
•           Sustainable and connected transport.

For more information about the aspirations read through the plan, or visit the Melville Talks Aspirations page. To read more about the journey of how we consulted with the community, visit the Review of the Strategic Community Plan on Melville Talks.