There are several ways you can have your say on issues that effect you as a City of Melville resident or stakeholder.

How to Submit a Petition

Thank you for your interest in accessing the City of Melville petition information page. This page contains guidelines on how to submit a petition to the City of Melville according to our standard. It contains two downloadable formats to help you make an effective petition.   The following information is designed to assist you to submit a formal petition to the City of Melville.

Petitions shall be submitted on a standard petition form and in accordance with the following guidelines.

  •  All petitions must be contained in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer
  • A covering letter to accompany the petition is recommended however, is not necessary
  • The request must be stated on each page of the petition
  • All names and addresses which appear on the petition must be in the hand writing of each signatory
  • Only the names of electors of the City of Melville will be counted
  • The original petition must be forwarded to the City of Melville. Copies will not be accepted.

The form and wording of the petition is provided on the Citys website.  Any change to the formal wording may mean the document submitted will be treated as a multi-signatured letter and a response will be provided by Officers.

Petitions may be sent to the City of Melville, Locked Bag 1, Booragoon  WA  6954 or delivered at the Reception Counter located in the Foyer on the ground floor of the Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon.

What Happens to My Petition?

Once a petition has been received and registered, an acknowledgment letter will only be sent to the lead petitioner person responsible for the petition.  In the event this cannot be identified, the first signatory that appears on the petition will receive notification. The correspondence will also outline details of the processes involved and the recipient will be asked to notify all petitioners of the action being taken.

The petition is then referred to the next available Ordinary Meeting of the Council for consideration and any action. Should the petition not be discussed at that particular Council Meeting, it will be referred to the relevant Standing Committee for consideration and any action. A letter will be sent out to the responsible person or appropriate signatory notifying of this action taken and once again, will be asked to notify all petitioners.

For further information on how to submit a petition or the processes involved, please contact  the Corporate Support at the City of Melville on 9364 0607 or email

Privacy and Confidentiality

The lead petitioner should familiarise themselves with the responsibilities relating to collecting personal information (name, address and signatures) of petitioners and distributing that information further than to the intended party (City of Melville).